• How To Start And Grow A Successful Business Without a College Degree

    It's possible to become a successful entrepreneur without having to attend college or obtain a degree, despite what some may believe. You can do this by taking advantage of all the resources at your disposal and being prepared for the challenges you may face. The Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce helps small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs make the most of their goals, so we've compiled a list of moves you can make to ensure success.

    Start with Small Goals and Build Up

    The first step to becoming a successful entrepreneur without a formal education is to start small and build your way up. Set a few realistic goals and work on reaching them before moving on to larger tasks. This will allow you to keep building your skills and knowledge. It may help to keep a journal so you can write down your progress and keep track of all the tasks on your plate.

    Create a Plan for Networking

    Networking is key when starting any business venture, especially if you don’t have peer connections from school to lean on. Connecting with professionals in your industry can provide invaluable insight into how the industry works as well as potential opportunities for mentorships or partnerships down the line. Create a plan that will allow you to focus your attention in the right areas; for instance, if you live in a rural spot, it may be easier to network online than in-person at professional events.

    Use Online Resources To Learn More About Your Industry

    In today’s digital world, there are numerous free resources available online that can help educate entrepreneurs about their industry regardless of their level of formal education. Take advantage of these resources by reading articles, attending webinars, watching videos, and joining discussion boards/forums. This will not only help you educate yourself but will also help you connect with valuable contacts who might be able to further support your entrepreneurial endeavors down the line.

    Learn Marketing Basics

    Having some basic knowledge about marketing techniques such as SEO (search engine optimization) or PPC (pay-per-click advertising) are essential skills for any entrepreneur regardless of their educational background or experience level in business. It's also helpful to learn about different marketing channels, as well as the difference between traditional and digital methods. This knowledge will allow you to prioritize the right moves when you're starting out.

    Utilize PDF Tools For Organization

    Having organized files is essential for entrepreneurs, because it reduces the room for error while allowing customers to build trust. Utilizing PDF tools can make file organization easier while also providing additional features such as editing/viewing/adding comments, which makes document management much simpler than traditional paper filing methods. If you need to change file types Word to PDF, for instance, you can use a free conversion tool that will make the job quick and painless.

    Develop Strong Accounting Practices

    No matter how much experience you have with finances and accounting, having good accounting practices is key to running a successful business. Keeping accurate records sets the foundation for making more informed decisions regarding expenditures and other financial matters within an organization. You can look for helpful software that will allow you to stay on top of your business finances, as well as online resources that can teach you how to manage money and invoices.


    Starting a business without a college degree can seem like a daunting task at times, but with so many tools available to use these days, it's easier than ever to grow your vision without the aid of formal training. Look for PDF tools that will make organization simpler, and learn all you can about marketing and accounting basics. With some dedication and hard work, you can build the business of your dreams.


    The Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce can help you reach your small business goals. Reach out today for more information on the resources we offer.