• About Los Gatos

  • Nestled in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, the town of Los Gatos lies a short drive from both the Pacific coast and the worldclass culture of San Francisco. Many of the town’s 30,000 residents, though, prefer to spend their leisure time locally, and it’s easy to see why. Los Gatos enjoys 330 sunny days per year and a Mediterranean climate characterized by mild average temperatures. Its 11 square miles include oak-dotted hillsides, a creek lined with redwoods and a reservoir. The peaks that watch over it, El Sereno and El Sombroso, are some of the highest in the Santa Cruz Mountains. At their feet lie the streets of Los Gatos, lined with well-maintained Victorian, Craftsman, ranch and contemporary homes that are the envy of architecture enthusiasts everywhere. The lively mix of designs reflects rich phases of local history.

    Scotsman James Alexander Forbes’s decision to build his flour mill on the banks of Los Gatos Creek in 1854 ushered in a period of Anglo settlement and expansion through logging and railroad-building; some of the grandest homes in Los Gatos date from this era. By the early 20th century, the excellent climate had fostered a thriving orchard industry, and the resulting prosperity had nurtured a bohemian scene that saw writers like John Steinbeck setting up housekeeping in Los Gatos. The post-World War II aeronautics industry that forever changed the Santa Clara Valley also came to Los Gatos in the form of family-oriented suburbs and parks; some of the town’s most beloved traditions, like the annual Children’s Christmas/ Holidays Parade, are products of this time.

    Today Los Gatos is home to a number of successful high-tech enterprises and welcoming more all the time. Yet it remains unique among the cities of Silicon Valley for its strong sense of its own character. The community turns out for dozens of annual events, celebrating both small-town intimacy and big-city sophistication.

    Also rare among cities in the Valley, Los Gatos draws people from throughout the Bay Area who come to shop, dine and stroll the pleasant streets of the town’s shopping districts. It’s truly a place like no other.