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    Embodied Recovery offers Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient, and Outpatient treatment for both, mental health and substance use disorders. Our teachings, practices, and processes integrate psychological, biological, social and spiritual elements in order to provide treatment that is comprehensive and engaging. Nestled in downtown Los Gatos, Embodied Recovery has abundant opportunities for sober activities, community involvement, and social engagement. Finding recovery can be challenging, and having a solid support network can ease the stresses of that challenge. Embodied Recovery believes in the importance of community and seeks to promote a culture of celebration, recovery, practice, and emotional growth. Combining our distinct teachings with mindfulness-based relapse prevention, mindfulness-based stress reduction, bio-feedback, individual addiction counseling, individual and family therapy, mind-body practices, and emotion-focused process groups, Embodied Recovery offers a level of treatment that integrates all aspects of mental health and addiction recovery into a comprehensive treatment model.