• Listen Learn Change Grow 

  • The Chamber is embarking on a LISTEN LEARN CHANGE GROW campaign to make all residents and visitors feel welcome in our Town. If we are open to listening and learning, we will begin to change, and ultimately grow. We want to make Los Gatos a welcoming community. We do not have to fear change. 

    This effort is not only aimed at racial injustices, but also addresses inequality due to gender, sexual orientation, age, culture, or religionEveryone must have opportunities to be a part of the community and have their voice heard. 

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs have three components:

    • Diversity values and celebrates differences, making everyone feel welcome. 
    • Equity is about creating a culture of fairness, where people are treated fairly, regardless of differences.
    • Inclusion creates environments conducive to feedback, supporting diversity and being open.

    This campaign is a multi-year project involving many entities, including the Town of Los Gatos, Los Gatos Library, Anti-Racism Coalition, NUMU, the Arts Commission and many others.  

    We kick off with the street pole banners and the Listen and Learn portions of the campaign. We hope you'll join us along the way!

  • Listen Listen

    Los Gatos Public Library Represent Los Gatos Series

    New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU)

    Stories - coming soon

  • Learn Learn

    The path to learning is through research, education, open-mindedness, curiosity, and information. We have compiled some resources that can help to educate and facilitate a more welcoming community and put us on a journey towards a more equal, accepting and united country. 

    We would like to thank the many people that have been working in this area and from whom we've collated these resources, including, but not limited to The Conscious Kid, Harvard University, American Library Association, UC Berkeley, International Indigenous Youth Council, Goodreads, Jane Mount, Thomo, Alexandra Shipp, Parade, Sarah Sophie Flicker, Alyssa Klein

  • Change Change

    Coming soon

    Some ideas...

    • Book Clubs
    • Conversations in the Park

    Any suggestions, contact chamber@losgatoschamber.com

  • Grow Grow

    We strongly believe that if you follow the first 3 tenets of this campaign, Listen, Learn and Change, that Growth will naturally occur.

    Listen - stop and really listen to others, to their stories, their feelings, their opinions.  No need to comment, correct or argue - just listen and think.

    Learn - use the resources above to educate yourself, expand your horizons and think differently.

    Change - Immerse yourself in different situations, don't be afraid of uncomfortable conversations, be open-minded.

  • United Against Hate Week

    Click for more information

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