• COVID-19 Resources

  • Santa Clara County is currently in the State's Red Tier. 

    For more information, visit COVID19.CA.GOV

  • On August 28 Governor Gavin Newsom unveiled the Blueprint for a Safer Economy, a statewide, stringent and slow plan for living with COVID-19 for the long haul. The plan imposes risk-based criteria on tightening and loosening COVID-19 allowable activities and expands the length of time between changes to assess how any movement affects the trajectory of the disease.

    The Blueprint builds on lessons learned from the first six months of the disease – and the new scientific understanding that has been collected – to create a new system for regulating movement and COVID-19 transmissions. It includes:

    1. At least 21 days to expand activities beyond the initial tier to ensure California better limits the spread of the virus;
    2. Mandatory metrics – case rates and test positivity – to measure how widespread COVID-19 is in each county and guide what is allowed;
    3. A uniform state framework, with four categories instead of 58 different sets of rules;
    4. A more nuanced way of allowing activity: Instead of open vs. closed, sectors can be partially opened and progressively add to their operations as disease transmission decreases; and
    5. A new process for tightening back up again quickly when conditions worsen.

    Based on recent data, each county will fall into one of four colored tiers – Purple (Widespread), Red (Substantial), Orange (Moderate) and Yellow (Minimal) – based on how prevalent COVID-19 is in each county and the extent of community spread. That color will indicate how sectors can operate.

    Currently Santa Clara County falls into the Orange tier. Click here for the Press Release from Santa Clara County allowing these activities.

    Click Here to see what activities are allowed in our County and the rest of California.

    Click Here for a list of Allowed activities in each tier.


  • Restaurant Revitalization Fund Restaurant Revitalization Fund

    Restaurant Revitalization Fund is an SBA grant program that will provide restaurants, bars and other similar places of business that serve food or drink with funding equal to their pandemic-related revenue loss up to $10 million per business and no more than $5 million per physical location.  Recipients are NOT required to repay the funding as long as funds are used for eligible uses no later than March 11, 2023.  Application portal opens Friday, April 30.

    Where/ When to Apply:

    Applications open on Monday, May 3,2021. You can apply directly on the SBA online application portal: https://restaurants.sba.gov.

    If you would like to prepare your application, you can view the sample application form here.

    For all the information on the Restaurant Revitalization Fund Click Here

  • Questions related specifically to businesses? Email the County at cboliason@eoc.sccgov.org

    Social Distancing Protocol - Santa Clara County Public Health fillable forms.  Required for all businesses

    SBA website

    SBDC California - Small Business Development Center - all forms and resources in one place!

    US Treasury  Department - Information about PPP, including overview, application, lender finder and more.

    Federal Reserve Main Street Lending Program

    California Labor & Workforce Development Agency - information on resources for employers and employees


    Employee Rights Poster - must be posted

    US Chamber of Commerce Resources

    Santa Clara County Public Health

    Town of Los Gatos: links to assistance to residents and business, volunteer links, financial assistance links and more

    CDC Links:


    Eviction Moratorium

    Residential: The State of California legislature has enacted, and the Governor has signed, two state laws, Assembly Bill No. 3088, which took effect on August 31, 2020, and Senate Bill No. 91, which took effect on February 1, 2021, that provide state-wide eviction and foreclosure protections for many residential tenants and property owners suffering from economic hardship due to COVID-19. These protections extend through June 30, 2021. State law has replaced local legislation, including the County’s ordinance, in providing protections for​ ​residential ​tenants facing evictions. Click here for more information.

    Small business: For small business tenants who qualify for protection under the County’s ordinance, the County's eviction moratorium has been extended through April 30 2021. Small business tenants have up to 6 months after the moratorium expires or terminates to repay at least 50% of the past-due rent, and up to 12 months after the moratorium expires or terminates to repay in full the past-due rent. Civil fines and penalties, monetary damages and injunctive relief may be imposed on landlords who seek to retaliate or deny small business tenants of their rights and protections under the ordinance.​ Click here for the ordinance.


  • Additional Resources for Businesses & Nonprofit Organizations Additional Resources for Businesses & Nonprofit Organizations

    • The State of California’s Employment Development Department has programs to help both employers and employees deal with the costs of illness, caring for ill family members, shorter hours and closures. Employers can request an extension on their payroll reports and payroll taxes.
    • The California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GoBiz) has compiled information for employers and employees related to COVID-19.
    • Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) has established 3 funds to provide assistance to residents, small businesses, and non-profit organizations within Santa Clara County impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. 
      • SVCF’s COVID-19 Regional Response Fund is working with Destination:Home in Santa Clara County to support individuals and families impacted by COVID-19.  Click here and select “Santa Clara County: Destination:Home” to provide support to individuals and families who are suffering from the economic impact of lost wages and other COVID-19 impacts in our community.
      • SVCF’s Small Business Relief Fund will provide critical loan and grant funding to small business owners struggling with the impacts of COVID-19.  Click here to make a donation to this fund.  
      • SVCF’s Regional Nonprofit Emergency Fund is providing flexible operating support grants to nonprofit organizations providing emergency-related services or facing unexpected costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as increased sick days for staff, event cancelations, and costs related to hygiene supplies.  Click here and select “Santa Clara County” to donate to impacted non-profits in our community.  Nonprofit organizations can apply here to become eligible for receipt of these donated funds.
    • Business Owner Space Partners is a City of San José -led team of more than 30 programs that help small businesses. Partners offer free or low-cost mentoring, classes, and other support on many topics including access to capital, business planning, marketing, and legal issues.
    • The Centers for Disease Control has a dedicated page for businesses on COVID-19-related information.
  • Other Loan Sources Other Loan Sources

    California iBank has allocated $50M for loans up to $50K.  

    California Disaster State Guaranty has loan options up to $1M

    California Capital Access Program (CalCAP) for Small Businesses offers loans up to $5M eligibility.  Lender specific.

    Federal Reserve Main Street lending program offers loans.

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